Innovative and Complete, Business Software System with Truegrown

Truegrown develops complete business software packages, involving handheld tablets for warehousing and including all of the business modules you require. From order entry, warehousing, accounting, reporting and invoicing, our system does it all.

Tablet Driven Warehousing

Handheld Tablets are effective for fast and accurate picking and shelving in a warehouse situation or for other forms of productivity, either on-site or on the road.

OCR Document Scanning

Our document scanning dashboard allows users to scan documents straight into the system with most multifunction printer/scanners.


Multiple simple, clean and easy to use dashboards ranging from financial, warehousing and documentation.


Simple and clean dashboards for financial, warehousing and documentation needs.


Some of Truegrown’s benefits include accurate stock take results, order statistics, freight costs, employee performance and real-time inventory control.

IP Cameras

Your head office will have the ability to monitor multiple branches on one screen, a comforting tool for day-to-day operations.

The Development Process

Our software solution is state of the art, developed in web technologies and utilizes low-cost tablet devices in the warehousing environment to allow point of entry processing (including speech) for real time statistics and inventory updates. Most importantly our end-to-end business software solution is one that your business will never outgrow.

The development process is the biggest phase of the project and in many ways the most important. It is during this time that our team will get a feel for your existing system and its data, to foresee any challenges and opportunities that may crop up while designing the system.This is also time for you to provide us with any ideas and customised features that you would like to include in your software package, as we find these have usually been supressed in the past or previously not possible. After the first phase of development, you can go ‘live’ and observe the benefits in action. We then move onto a ‘Phase 2’ development process (if required) and use this time to tweak the existing system and design the secondary projects that you want to see included at some point but aren’t crucial to business operation.We can provide you with the complete package, tailored for you from start to finish, working on or off site so you get exactly what you want.
Our modules all strive for a paperless environment where possible and include but not limited to the following:

• Picking and Packing
• Inwards Goods
• Stock Take
• Maintenance
• Debtors
• Creditors
• General Ledger
• Purchasing
• Sales
• Web
• Ordering
• Retail

We don't just have a system, we have a solution.
Reach maximum performance on projects with our custom software development.
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